Though @NFT LABS was established in March, 2021, the team has already been engaged in work related to blockchain, such as the creation of cryptocurrency, ICO, and NFT since 2018. Equipped with such profound experience, state-of-the-art technology, and progressive creativity, @NFT LABS was then formed.

Hoping that the projects we do and our future advancement can be both meaningful and responsible. We chose environmental protection as our kickoff. Hence our first project : Squarefish.

As the citizens of the Earth, we have only one home, i.e. the Earth. About 70% of Earth's surface is covered with water, coincidentally the human body also contains 70% of water.
Without the ocean, there won’t be life forms on the planet Earth. Ocean balances the climate, provides oxygen, and is the home of 80% of living things. However, growing economic, demographic, and climatic pressures are increasing concerns about water issues.

We are hoping to raise public awareness of marine environmental protection through the launch of Squarefish, NFT, online games and so forth. Let us love and protect our planet Earth by doing the following:<ref>


1. Be aware of what you eat.
2. Use plastics less.
3. Join beach cleanup.
4. Protect the ocean while traveling.
5. Be aware of what is discharged into the ocean.
6. Be aware of the content of cat canned food.
7. Tell your state representatives to put people and planet before profit.
8. Energy saving and carbon reduction.
9. Share with your friends and family how to protect the ocean.

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